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100% Certified Organic Grass-Fed Beef
We are proud to offer our customers 100% certified organic grass-fed beef from Roseland Organic Farms in Byron Center, MI. This impressive farm encompasses 1,000 acres totally free of any pesticide and synthetic fertilizer use since 1978. No parasiticides, antibiotics, hormones or growth regulators, insecticides, or herbicides are used. The grass-fed cattle are raised from birth and you can be sure that the USDA inspected Roseland Organic Beef is of the highest quality you will find anywhere.

Rainbow Trout Back by Popular Demand
Indian Brook Trout Farm in Jackson, MI is a 120 acre farm with two major waterways that run through it. Artesian wells supply the pure water for the ponds where the trout are kept after leaving the hatchery. Each year Indian Brook hatches 50,000 new rainbow trout eggs. They begin hatching May 1st and continue through mid-May. Indian Brook Farms takes fish through the entire life cycle "From Egg to Trout". Pond water is also used to power the hatchery, not electricity. They are an aquaculture, agriculture and educational facility.

Now Offering Organic Salad Greens
We are offering organic salad greens from Seeley Farm and Green Things Farms, both based out of Ann Arbor, MI. Both farms produce high quality, washed and ready-to-eat certified organic greens. Among their products are spinach, arugula, mache, endive, escarole and other tender greens.


All free-range, vegetable feed, artificial hormone and antibiotic free Miller Amish Poultry: raised on independent small family farms in Northeast corner of IN; no MSG or Nitrates added in processing; wide variety cuts and preparations.
  • Natural line & both bulk and retail packs
  • Organic line & bulk and retail packs

Culver Duck

Pekin duck raised on small farms in northeast Indiana; 5th generation family facilities: fresh; served by finest restaurants:
  • Whole; with or without head and feet
  • Breast, wings, thighs, etc

Gunthorp Farms

Ground duck; fresh.

Pasko Farms

Small family southeast Michigan farm; unique varieties; whole birds; fresh: Embden geese, Muscovy duck, Red Ranger chicken


Certified organic broilers raised outdoors in moveable pens, rotated often to fresh grass; organic non-GMO feed

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